About Us


Melanie helps people to create wealth through internet based businesses so they can live the life of their dreams, make more money than they can ever spend and experience true joy and happiness.



Melanie Free-Clinton is an advocate and resource for those that desire success. She firmly believes that success must be realized through a vehicle. For Melanie and those that she serves, business is the vehicle through which success is achieved.

Melanie’s fascination with business is unparalleled and evidenced through her accomplishments in the business realm and her achievements in formal education. Her work experience includes highly successful contract negotiation and administration of multi-million dollar contracts for major corporations. Melanie has also supported and delivered effective solutions to executives in the banking industry.

To add to Melanie’s business prowess, she is the founder and CEO of Your Success Agent. Through this entrepreneurial endeavor, Melanie serves those whom desire change and aspire to create and grow their own online business by delivering valuable information, techniques and services designed to achieve success.

Core Values

Economic Security


Service To Others


Continuous Improvement

Difference Maker